Our process

Creating value

iLikeMedia Group wants to tell the new story. Developing, producing and marketing media content based on new business models. iLikeMedia Group acts as a reliable and innovative (inter)national partner for Media & Marketing Organizations, Cultural Institutions and (Non)Profit Organizations.

Our stories come to life

iLikeMedia Group wants to make the initiatives of the present, past and future visible! Partly because we work in a network of professionals, we create higher qualitative value.

(Inter)national media professionals

iLikeMedia Group is built up as a network organization of highly experienced independent (media) professionals and (new) media experts who have all made their mark in their own field.

What does a collaboration with us look like?

Only 5 steps to a beautiful end result



In this conversation we discuss the common starting points, the purpose of the assignment and how production can be deployed.


Creative session

In this session, iLikeMedia presents the ideas on how the project should be shaped and which angles we can use to achieve the goal. In this session things can and may go in any direction.


Game plan

In this phase we create a fully detailed script, step-by-step plan for research, planning, recording possible voice-over or use of presentation, shooting period and post-production. The texts are also finalized with the client involved.


Film day

Based on the final script, the director, editors, production team and camera crew involved set out to film everything.


Editing & delivery

During post-production, all images come together and, if necessary, color correction, audio post-processing is applied and the images are supported with music, graphics, etc.