iLikeMedia develops and produces (online) video productions, focused on cultural heritage, historical routes and local stories for platforms and (local) governments.

Visual storytelling on historic routes and cultural heritage.

“iLikeMedia is unique in the field of visual storytelling, specifically aimed at telling the story of a part of the country, region or area. Together with the regional marketing and area parties, residents and entrepreneurs, the focus is mainly on what connects the region, the villages and cities, and where the unique selling point of the area lies. iLikeMedia literally brings these stories to life through its high-quality visual stories.”

André Adema, iLikeMedia Group B.V.

Location Based

Location-based content, or stories based on specific location-based content, is digital information or media that is customized or delivered based on the geographic location of users to provide relevant content based on their physical proximity to specific places or regions.

Combined Shape

Historic routes

iLikeMedia's visual stories guide you past important historical locations and sights, giving people the opportunity to learn more about the past spirit of a particular region. These routes are used by tourists and history buffs to gain a deeper insight into the history and culture of a particular place.

ic/lokaal erfgoed

Cultural heritage

iLikeMedia's visual stories contribute to the preservation of cultural heritage through visual storytelling, where the visual stories are used to communicate the history, traditions and identity of a community. They can serve as powerful tools to transmit heritage across generations and cultural backgrounds, thus increasing awareness and appreciation of cultural diversity

Our latest productions


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Werelderfgoed Waddenzee

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Teaser Grebbeline

Project partly financed by the European Union and national (de)central governments
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Teaser North East Friesland

Teaser of the project in North East Friesland, Promotional content of 5 regional brands and 16 route videos in a beautiful landscape. 5x WOW!
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Locations based content

Experience “Holland Dichtbij, de Grebbelinie in beeld”

Experience “Holland Dichtbij, de Grebbelinie in beeld”